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Khaki Classroom

Khaki Classroom set out to make a difference in the lives of youth by providing them with all the tools, resources and support they need in order to shape them into artists of tomorrow. We see the importance of art being a method of expression, just like any spoken language. We do not limit young children's imagination. So when they get older, they can still dream big.

We aim to teach students to be informed, reflective and critical practitioners in art. We see the importance of an all around art education from an early age. Therefore, we do not limit our teaching to mere technique building. We also teach students to appreciate art as a lifelong interest. 

We care and respect about the environment we live in. We are the first artstudio to use only non-toxic, organic and eco-friendly paints, making sure our young artists paint safely, while our mother earth is well protected.

商舖地點 Shop Location : 102

電話 Tel : 3460 4930

營業時間 Opening Time : TBC

網站 Website :




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