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榮獲親子王家庭最愛品牌 - 綜合教育中心大獎

座落於港鐵北角站上蓋的全新兒童主題商場 「馬寶學林」,總面積達 45,000 平方呎,是該區唯一提供一站式多元學習玩樂的新場所,商場剛進行全面翻新及引入多元化租戶組合,涵蓋層面廣闊。除教導主科中英數等補習班外,並有音樂美術及智趣班等,更有大型室內遊樂場及餐飲進駐,小朋友及家長們只要去一個地方就能滿足所有的需求。

Marble 33 awarded in Smart Parents’ Choice under the Education Arcades category

Marble 33 is a new children concept mall that offers a creative, one stop education, dining, shopping and entertainment for parents and their little ones.

Along the bustling Marble Road of North Point, an invigorating light green building stands out above the North Point MTR station, spanning 45,000sq.ft., the newly opened Marble 33 is a pleasant children-friendly mall that offers a plethora of activities for families with young kids.

This is the go-to place for a delectable family meal, an interactive art class or an insightful tutorial session.

                 With the aim to provide a comfortable and relaxing environment for kids to shop, dine, learn and play.


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