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• 對數學產生濃厚興趣,學校成績明顯進步。

• 做事變得主動,喜歡討論問題,發表意見。

• 當遇到困難時,總會嘗試尋找解決方法

MathConcept’s Math Olympiad Program is not designed only for the child prodigy and competition is not our only goal. Our mission is to popularize Math Olympiad Program to everyone. We will teach students how to develop a diverse and outside the box thinking.

We will train students to work out their mind logically and creatively. 



MathConcept Education

Our students will gain problem solving skill, analyzing skill, communication skill, and presentation skill through MathConcept’s Math Olympiad Program.

Once your kid has completed a level with us, parents should see the following changes in your kid:

• Develop a positive attitude towards Mathematics and improve their academic performance in school

• Ask questions proactively, enjoy discussing problems, and expressing their own ideas

• Try to find solution when come across difficulties

商舖地點 Shop Location : 223 - 225

電話 Tel : 2336 8870

營業時間 Opening Time : 

09:00 – 19:00 (週一/週三/週五/週日 Mon / Wed / Fri / Sun)

14:00 – 19:00 (週二/週四/週六 Tue / Thu / Sat)

網站 Website : 

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