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Moments Photography

Taking a photo is a precise craft. Capturing a precious moment is an art. Both craft and art are our profession. “MOMENTS” comprises a team of nice and passionate professional photographers.

All of your precious moments would be captured in our real scene studio and outdoor shooting; which are unique and unmatched.

We believe, each and every photo by “MOMENTS” speaks your own fairy tale. We aimed to bring you a touching experience.

Moments 的專業團隊致力藝術創作上的探索,以室內實景與外景配合多元化攝影主題,為孩子創造一個如夢的世界。新穎的拍攝手法,捕捉孩子約真自然一面,定格溫馨精彩瞬間,演繹屬於您的家庭故事,讓愛與感動充滿每一幅畫面。


Fun experience

商舖地點 Shop Location : 207 - 208

電話 Tel : 2576 9992

營業時間 Opening Time : 10:00 – 20:00

網站 Website :

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