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Babington Education

Babington is an English language learning centre for children from K1-P6. Babington is accredited by Oxford and is Oxford's largest and most experienced phonics provider in Hong Kong.

  1. Babington is an Oxford University Press Accredited Centre.

  2. Babington is Oxford’s largest provider in Hong Kong with the most learning centres offering their RWI by Oxford (phonics) programme.

  3. Babington is Oxford’s most experienced RWI by Oxford provider in Hong Kong. Our teacher was the first teacher to be trained in Hong Kong.

  4. Our teachers are trained and certified by Oxford University Press in the area of phonics.

  5. Our teachers undergo formal training annually by Babington Head Office and by Oxford.

  6. Our teachers are monitored by Oxford through regular lesson observations and meetings.



商舖地點 Shop Location : 105 - 106 and 206

電話 Tel : 36222025

營業時間 Opening Time : 

網站 Website :

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