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ICanCode®️ 的 STEM 課程設計著重培育新一代 「運算思維」(Computational Thinking)技能,讓學員深入淺出地掌握數位創作與科學科技能力。在機械人和編程教學方面, 我們更沿用在韓國已有超過 18 年歷史的教學方案與教材, 全球超過 50 多個國家和地區使用, 學習成效得到肯定。本中心更連續三年榮獲 CSEA 頒發【年度傑出 STEM 教學大獎】。


ICanCode®️ 課程涵蓋電腦編程、寫 Apps 寫 Games、無人機、數位美術及活學創意 STEM 課程,合適由4歲至17歲不同年齡組別, 學員更可獲推薦參加各項國際性賽事及 STEM 技能評核,進一步肯定自己的學習成果。歡迎 Whatapps 6192 2862 查詢。


ICanCode®️ curriculum focuses Computational Thinking through computer learning and self-

production of finished products to understand logical

thinking, analytics, reasoning,

judgement, organizational, abstract, space and creativity so as to master the skill of digital

innovation and technology in a very systematic approach. We adopt coding and robotics learning materials from South Korea.  With more than 18 years of experience, the said programs are now widely used by more than 50 different cities and countries. What’s more? ICanCode®️ is awarded as the “Best STEM Educator” for three consecutive years by CSEA. 


ICanCode®️ tailors various course such as computer coding, robotics engineering, building Apps and games, drone, digital creativity as well as our signature innovative STEM activities for different age groups from 4 to 17. To foster the learning experience, students would have be encouraged to join different international competitions and even STEM skills assessment. For more information, please Whatapps 6192-2862.

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商舖地點 Shop Location:202

電話 Tel.:3619 0639

Whatsapp:6192 2862

營業時間 Opening Hours:10:00 - 18:00 (Mon - Sat)
10:00 - 13:00


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